Prince Buruji Kashamu

Born on 19th May 1948, indigene of Ijebu Igbo, Ogun State, Nigeria. He is a Muslim, married with children and grand children. He is the Chairman/CEO of Kasmal Group of Companies Limited located at 33, Sanusi Fafunwa Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

He has over 500 employees under the group. He is also the Chairman of Group Kasmal SAL in Republic of Benin. He is an experienced business manager and industrialist, with about 76% share capital in the ultra modern cotton ginnery – Societe d’Egrenage Industrial de Coton du Benin (SEICB S.A) in the Republic of Benin, a neighboring French speaking West African country He is a businessman and industrialist of international repute. He is also involved in the business of importation and exportation of goods and commodities, semi-finished and finished agro-allied products for over 20 years. Concerning the false allegations against Prince Kashamu we have instruction to bring the following to public attention Prince Kashamu is not the subject of any United States FBI investigation The Misleading and false statements concerning him and an alleged offence in US relate to proceedings which involved a case of mistaken identity The first proceedings against Prince Buruji Kashamu brought by the US Government ended in favour of Kashamu when the High court of Justice, Queens Bench Division England in suit No C0/2141/2000 in a judgment dated Friday 6th October 2000 delivered in a habeas corpus application filed by Buruji Kashamu against the US Government held as follows:

The committal order must, in the circumstances, be quashed by reason of the unfairness of the proceedings resulting from the non –disclosure of crucial evidence, as accepted by the government. The writ of habeas corpus will, accordingly issue

This was because, as the court found, the Government had at the committal proceedings concealed identification evidence that proved that Prince Kashamu was not the person involved in the alleged offences committed in the US by some persons. In a second proceedings commenced immediately after the first at the instance of the Government the result was the same with the English District Judge Tim Workman in his judgment dated the 10th of January 2003, finally and emphatically finding as follows concerning the identification evidence:

“I am however satisfied that the overwhelming evidence here is such that the identification evidence, already tenuous, has now been so undermined as to make it incredible and valueless. In those circumstances there is then no prima facie case against the defendant and I propose to discharge him”

The Government did not appeal against these judgments and no further investigation or proceedings have since been brought.
It is an incontrovertible fact that Prince Buruji Kashamu is a successful businessman whose positive influence transcends the shores of Nigeria. Curious enough, some faceless rumour mongers have been circulating damaging documents and articles on the internet etc about him for reasons best known to them. Some of such false and malicious allegations is an advertorial from a fictitious persons placed on Sunday Tribune of 15th November 2009 Initially we wanted to ignore the rumours as the authors and their sponsors are not man enough to attach their identities, but since peddled lies may start to adorn the toga of truth if not rebuffed. We are not interested in joining issues with anybody for the record and documents to rebuff their rumours are available. We have decided to place the following document;

In the circumstances of these facts which are of public record the continued rehash of lies told by some uninformed antagonist, which is already a subject of several libel suits in the Nigeria courts is clear mischief and blackmail and plainly motivated by malice.